Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Dose of Sass & Advice

When I was way younger like in my first few years in secondary school, I was always picked on for my thicker, arched eyebrows and my wavy, thick hair because at the time it was cool to have super thin eyebrows and poker straight thin hair. I used to get so upset and I couldn't understand why my hair and eyebrows being a little bit different was such a bad thing.

Nowadays, the things I get the most compliments on are my lovely thick hair and my eyebrows. See how these things change? In 5 years time these things could be gone back out of fashion but I won't mind because I've found my little beauty niche and I'm content with my thick hair and arched eyebrows.

It's really funny how these things change (quite cyclically) and how the changes in what is and isn't en vogue can help you embrace your natural qualities. Or help you embrace that you stand out.

I suppose my point is that if there's a particular thing about you, let's say a physical attribute that is currently considered to go against the flow, just wait it out and it'll probably come into fashion in a while and you'll be all the rage! You can be all 'oh my freckles? Been here all along, I used to get the piss ripped out of me for them but now they're selling freckle kits in Boots so I guess I just hit the trend early'. #werk

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