Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Loss of a True Legend

I never knew I could grieve so deeply for a celebrity until the death of Robin Williams. He was without a doubt one of my childhood heroes and and he remains one of my idols.

One of the many things I have him to thank for is the way only his films have the power to bring my family together. Similar to most families, my family and I rarely agree on anything. The one thing we absolutely never agree on is comedy and what we find funny. The one exception was the one and only Robin Williams, we all absolutely love him. Mrs Doubtfire quotes can be heard daily in our house.

My brother told me minutes after the news broke and I started crying, it was like he'd told me my favourite uncle had passed away.

What's even more painful is the horrible irony of the situation regarding his death, a man who banished so much sadness in the world was overwhelmed by his own darkness and tragically succumbed to it. He brought such an incredible amount of joy and wisdom into this world and I hope that somewhere deep down he knew that. I also hope that wherever he is now he can see how important his work was to so many people and how treasured he was by the world.

I could go into detail about the circumstances surrounding his death but to be perfectly honest, I feel that would be unfair as so little information has been released. All that has been made clear is that he battled depression for a very long time. Right now I think it's more important to focus on the kind of person Robin Williams was and how many wonderful things he gave the world.

I'll never be able to articulate how grateful I am to Robin Williams for bringing me light in my own times of darkness. He will always be remembered fondly and with immeasurable amounts of love. I hope our genie has finally found his peace and is no longer in any pain.