Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Kenya 2015

I set out with a mission to get a million photos while I was away but when I got to Kenya, I realised I'd left my charger at home so my photos are very limited sadly! A lot of the photos were taken by the kids, they liked taking my camera and running off with it so I'm sorry for the not so great quality in some cases.
You can see higher quality/bigger versions of these photos here on my Flickr.

This is Mercy and Frieda, they were waiting for me when I came out of my room the first morning. They loved my camera, they insisted on having a go and went around taking pictures of everything and anything, end result was a bunch of pictures of half faces and the grass and the sky, A plus for effort though!

Mercy with her doll.

This is Karis, the only boy who lives in the centre. It's 100% safe to say he stole pretty much every volunteer's heart! This is him playing on the swings on our first morning, he got a hold of someone's phone and was taking a lot of selfies. In the background you can see one of the women doing the washing, no such thing as a washing machine in that part of the world!

Some of the girls playing bingo inside.

This is Biwatt, his mother Edwina runs the centre and she lives there with her family. And yes that is a Carlow jersey!

Kallum and Elizabeth.


Dianah and Elizabeth

The African Rift Valley from a viewpoint in the hills.

Wind farm.

Kenya fam <3


A traditional Maasai farmer with his cattle.

I asked could I take his photo, he said I could if I gave him money, in the end I gave him a lolly and he settled.

Our mural, Muriel!

The compounds guard dog, Chewy.  

Karis playing with the puppet stage.