Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Feeding My Polaroid Obsession

So I have a minor obsession with polaroid pictures, I love them but sadly I'm broke and can't afford my own polaroid camera (even if I could, the film is crazy expensive and if a picture came out bad it would feel like such a waste, yadda yadda, so many cons).

But lo and behold I found an app that indulges my obsession and my teeny tiny budget!


The app is android and iPhone friendly and you can print any picture from your gallery so you can perfect your selfie (solo or squad) before getting a cute little polaroid of it. You can also import pictures from your Facebook or Instagram if that works better for you.

I chose 9 photos from my camera roll and including shipping, it only cost me €5.50 which is definitely within my price range!

The possibilities for the polaroids is endless as well;

  • hang them on my wall to make my room look cuter
  • gifts (birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries etc etc)
  • party favours
  • collages
  • stick them in the frame of my mirror
  • put them all in photo frames around the house
  • use one in the little see through pouch of my purse
  • start scrapbooking with them
Basically my life is going to be full of polaroids from now on and I'm pretty happy with that.

If you're not polaroid crazy but you like the idea of your picture on a postcard, a phone case, a photo book, a poster, a canvas or a gift box instead then good news, Polagram caters to all of that!

And if you guys use my discount code PG3DXS4W you can get a fiver off your own order!

I'll make another post featuring the prints when they arrive xo