Sunday, 5 October 2014

Bricking It

I'm flying by myself for the first time on Tuesday and I'm absolutely terrified. Excited but terrified. I'm a relatively intelligent person but public transport and I do not go well together. No matter how many times I check and re-check timetables and stops, I've often wound up getting on the wrong bus/train.

So me plus a very big, busy airport is a situation with so much potential for disaster I can barely wrap my head around it! I'm really gonna have to be on my game and focus and even if I think I'm going the right way I'm gonna stop and ask for directions, just in case.

On a far lighter note though, I'm going to Cologne (Koln?) and I'm so excited. It looks like such a beautiful city and I really want to see the sights and be a tourist while I'm there. (There's a chocolate factory, need I say more?) I'm also going to see the 1975 while I'm there and catch up with a friend who's moved there for a year abroad with university. Providing I manage to navigate the airport and not miss my flight, should be a really good few days!

I'll be bringing my camera and a journal along so hopefully I'll have some material for a few posts when I'm back. I haven't been out of the country in a few years so I'm really, really looking forward to this trip!

Can't wait to share all the details, stories and photos when I get back :)

If anyone has any tips on how to survive airports or places to see/things to do in Cologne, leave em in the comments!