Monday, 20 October 2014

Steer Clear of the Word Fangirl

Call me any name under the sun just please don't ever call me a fangirl. That word conjures up images of screaming teenage girls who go to ridiculous, invasive lengths to feel closer to the artist/band that they look up to. The kind of fans who become obsessed to a terrifying degree. People who ruin gigs for people by screaming obscenities at the band members or acting completely inappropriate and making everyone around them roll their eyes in irritation. (Just to clarify, it's totally fine to be really into a band but there are lines that shouldn't be crossed, such as invading anyone's privacy or ruining a gig experience for other fans). Fangirl, to me, is just not a nice word.

As someone who has always found solace and I suppose a sort of healing in music, I hate the idea of being associated with something that essentially sullies the industry, the experience.

I understand that not everyone has the same connection with the same music I do, some people don't have a connection with any music at all. I don't particularly like soccer but I wouldn't insult someone who loved soccer just because I don't share the love y'know? Everyone has to have some sort of outlet and if listening to music is mine then why is it that can be twisted into an insult? If I like to spend money on gigs why is that anyones else's concern? It honestly baffles me that people can scoff at something so important to me simply because it makes me happy. If I decide to tattoo my favourite lyric across my forehead, why should anyone else care? (Exception made there for my mother, I'm sure she wouldn't be too impressed with that).

The irony of this entire piece is that some of the only people who ever call me a fangirl are the people closest to me, those who should know better seeing as I've often asked them not to do that. If I have a particularly bad day or episode and it's 3am, I'm crying hysterically and the meds aren't working, I can put in my earphones and it'll eventually pass. I would never dream of calling a friend because I couldn't bear to burden them with my problems. The very people who say I should call them in this sort of situation are the people who throw 'pfft you're such a stupid fangirl!' my way as often as they can. Painfully ironic right? The thing they criticise is the only thing that has kept me from making some very silly, irreparable mistakes in times of crisis.

I know I'm sort of just ranting now but I just really needed to address this because it genuinely annoys me.

Basically my point is; don't insult people for enjoying something that you don't enjoy, or that you don't enjoy to the same degree. As long as it's a safe outlet, let them be for feck sake!

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