Thursday, 8 January 2015

Things That Are Not Ok

Here is something you can file under things that are most definitely not alright. I recently read that Channel 4 have decided to create a sitcom based on the Irish Famine. Last time I checked, famine comes under the 'never, ever, ever, ever take the piss out of' heading. I honestly cannot see how they could possibly make such a sensitive, horrific topic seem funny and not incredibly insensitive to audiences.

Worse still, the proposal for this show came from an Irish man, Hugh Travers, talk about letting the side down! He is supposedly in the development stages of the show (which is called 'Hungry', as if the concept alone wasn't insulting enough) and all responses from Channel 4 state that they are still evaluating Travers' proposal. 

I heard about the show through a link, which I will put here, to a petition to stop this show going into production. Once I read it, I signed immediately and I'd really encourage all of you to likewise! 

A travesty on the scale of what was experienced in Ireland between 1845 - 1852 will never be a laughing matter. An estimated one million people died of starvation and disease and a further million were forced to emigrate. Sheer destitution on that scale is not something to be mocked.

I'm honestly horrified that anyone could consider basing a sitcom on such an appalling event, there's really no excuse, it's not funny now and quite honestly, to me it never will be. 

Anyways, the petition currently needs just over 13,000 more signatures so open this link and submit your details to have your signature added! Don't forget to share the link on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/whatever and encourage your friends and family to sign too!

Any thoughts? Leave 'em below or tweet me @EarthToNiamh x