Friday, 24 April 2015

Tie Dye and Galaxies

I was creeping through insta tags the other day and I came across this wee gem of an account that's run by the lovely Gina who's based in Dublin.

The gorgeous tie dye tops were what caught my attention so I followed the link to her Etsy shop (which you can find here). I always find Etsy to be hit and miss because although you can pretty easily find gorgeous pieces of jewellery or clothes or whatever you're looking for, the prices can sometimes be a bit steep. However I was delighted to find that was absolutely not the case here, Gina's products are all very reasonable! I treated myself to the Yin Yang Tie Dye T-Shirt which was less than €20 including shipping! Gina messaged me almost immediately after I placed the order regarding sizes, she was efficient and absolutely lovely to deal with.

This is the top as it was displayed on Gina's Etsy shop (A+ for the display, professional but still laid back which is seems to be a key feeling for Gina's pieces).

And this is my top, I went for a large so it'd be baggy enough to wear with leggings and I just layered my amethyst crystal necklace with my Buddha pendant, threw on my mint Vans and ta-da! Simple, comfy as hell and still cute as hell into the bargain. Perfect for warmer weather because I prefer laid back styles with minimal effort when the suns out.

I also ordered this crescent moon galaxy pendant which I'm in love with! (Pic credit to Gina's insta)

The colours are just as, if not more, vivid in real life which I was so happy with, plus such a bargain at €6 including shipping.

Proud to be a supporter of not only the little guy but also of Irish products, gotta look out for your own!

Head over here to Gina's Etsy shop and place your order ASAP and get into those tie dye summer vibes *peace sign emoji*